Full product range $325 including shipping ($50 saving). Select all 4 sizes and enter: CLUBBIE at checkout. Includes 7 resistance bands.

A Batting Trainer that teaches the biomechanics needed to hit late and straight like the world's best batters. Instant resistance feedback trains muscle memory for accelerated learning.

TECHSHOT Batting Trainer teaches the front elbow position needed to consistently hit the ball straight back past the bowler. Using a high front elbow, the batter will start to hit the ball straighter, and begin to hit less balls in the air. By providing instant resistance feedback, the coach can stand back and let the Techshot Batting Trainer do the talking. Through repetitive use, the techniques learnt will be converted to muscle memory. Learning how to hit straight has never been easier.

The design allows the user to remove the resistance band to test whether the correct elbow positioning has been transferred to memory.


Adult Trainer

$ 90.00 AUD

Youth Trainer

$ 85.00 AUD

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