Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy one?

For Australian customers, you can purchase yours at The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre, either online or instore. For International customers, you can order your Techshot Batting Trainer right here on our website.

I have no idea how to measure my size. Can you help?

Navigate through the Product Page by clicking 'Buy'. From there you can refer to a sizing chart with arm strap dimensions. There is also a drop down list to select your height so that we can size you up correctly. If you are still unsure on the arm strap dimension, you can select your size based on your weight category. XS (up to 40kg), Small (40-60kg), Medium (60-75kg), Large (75kg+)

How long is does shipping take?

For Australian and UK orders, shipping is between 3-5 days. For international orders, shipping is between 7-20 days.

Whats my shipping tracking number?

We have tracking on all of our shipments. If you would like your tracking number, please email

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